About Us

Sunshine Boxing, Inc. is an international boxing promotions and television production company based in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Jackie “Sunshine” Smith is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sunshine Boxing, Inc. as well as the first and only woman in professional boxing with a television program, Sunshine Boxing Show.

Sunshine Boxing, Inc. manages all aspects of a boxing event, provides professional development for boxers and produces boxing related television programs from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America. Jackie “Sunshine” Smith stands out in the boxing world for all the right reasons. As an international traveler with a charismatic personality, she is ambitious, glamorous, exceptionally knowledgeable about the boxing industry and constantly seeking opportunities to further develop her business.

The world’s greatest promoter, Don King, called it “a gender bender” when he introduced Jackie “Sunshine” Smith to international media as his choice for Local Promoter of the Evander Holyfield vs. Vaughn Bean World Heavyweight Championship on Showtime cable television. History was in the making for this Don King protégé. Jackie “Sunshine” Smith says as her mentor, “Don King has been inspirational and supportive of my various boxing endeavors throughout the years.” International Boxing Digest has proclaimed Jackie “Sunshine” Smith as one of the “World’s Leading Boxing Managers.” Jackie received the Pioneer Award from the 100% Wrong Sports Club for her trail blazing work as a woman in the boxing industry.

Sunshine Boxing is about winning – inside and outside the boxing ring.

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